Chasing Myself

I recently came across the Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development by Erik Erikson,  a German-American psychologist and psychoanalyst. Erikson talked about eight stages which contain different conflicts that one has to succeed at during his lifespan. That success can result in a good personality and in contrast, not being able to overcome those hurdles can cause the birth of negative impacts on that person. Nevertheless, the fifth stage known as the adolescence is the one I could relate with the most.

According to Erikson, an adolescent goes to through a transition of various personalities to see what fits better. This happens because at such time, one is trying to figure out the sense of self. Sense of self is basically a profound understanding of  who you are.

Since, I have recently gone through that same stage–or maybe still going through it–I came to realize how challenging it is. It is like completely entering an unfamiliar zone where nothing makes sense to you and your emotions drive you crazy till the point you run to your “escape” and catch your breath. People question you and you question yourself. “Who am I?” “What do I want?” “What do I want to become?”

Amidst all that, I had an epiphany and at that moment I realized, “Who am I to tell me who I am?” I did not have to become someone, I just had to discover myself. I started spending time with myself. I explored what I am capable of. I enjoyed my own company. Being alone did not bother me anymore. Suddenly, the life that seemed so hopeless at one point, appeared replete with opportunities. I was buoyant. I had never felt so alive in my entire life. And I was thankful. To God.

It does not stop there. It never stops there. You may live through your adolescence, but you never stop learning and enhancing yourself. You will face new challenges along the way and you will learn from those hurdles. You just have to remind yourself to not restrict yourself. Keep exploring!

P.S. All those out there who think that they do not have their life together, do not worry. It will all come together and you will figure it all out. Give yourself a chance. Have lovely day everyone and please show some love! Cheers.

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